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John Fulweiler is a Proctor-In-Admiralty with The Maritime Law Association of the United States.  He has litigated maritime injury and death claims to settlements and judgments throughout the country.  His office staff include other attorneys and professionals accustomed to handling maritime injury and death claims.  

With a diverse set of litigation and trial skills and experience, our maritime office offers battle tested legal representation.  When you co-counsel with this law office, we bring a huge depth of knowledge in handling maritime claims including a deep bench of respected expert witnesses with knowledge unique to the maritime setting.

In addition to co-counseling, we also accept referrals from law firms and attorneys who want to access our experience, who have too great a workload or are not in the geographic region.

The kinds of claims we accept for referral or co-counseling include:  

  • Maritime Injury Accidents – We handle a wide range of maritime injury accidents including, boat crashes, crewmember injury claims, passenger accidents, and commercial vessel accidents occurring on tugs, ships and ferries.
  • Catastrophic Injuries – Our maritime personal injury lawyers have extensive experience handling catastrophic injuries. This includes brain and spinal cord injuries, amputations, effects on long-term health or ability to work in the future due to pain management issues – all of which are often considered “catastrophic” for those involved. We understand the unique challenges that must be addressed when these types of maritime cases including the complicated maritime defenses that must be overcome to make a client whole.
  • Wrongful Death – Dealing with the loss of a close loved one due to a maritime accident that could've been avoided is always traumatic. Our track record in handling maritime wrongful death claims is proof of our dedication to obtaining full and complete justice. 
  • Product Liability – We represent injured victims in a wide range of product liability claims. Our personal injury lawyers know how to hold negligent manufacturers, sellers, and marketers legally accountable for misconduct among other defective products cases including auto parts, drugs, medical devices, children's toys, and food contamination.

Give us a call.  Anytime.  Reach John Fulweiler direct at his desk (# 401-367-1658) on his mobile (# 917-445-1144) or Fulweiler llc by calling 800-383-MAYDAY (6293) to learn more.

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