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When you are injured aboard a boat located on the East or Gulf Coasts including Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, or Florida, you may need maritime legal counsel and advice. An accident aboard a boat can be serious and sudden, and you may not be in the best frame of mind to select a boating accident attorney to represent your interests. In this way, understand that Fulweiler llc practices maritime law and John K. Fulweiler, Esq. is a maritime personal injury attorney. Fulweiler llc represents injured passengers, boating accident victims and families seeking answers in connection with fatalities occuring at sea. John K. Fulweiler, Esq. is an experienced maritime litigator and has been designated as a Proctor-In-Admiralty by the Maritime Law Association of the United States. John K. Fulweiler, Esq. has represented claimants seeking recovery for boating accident injuries. John K. Fulweiler, Esq. has written for numerous boating publications including The Good Old Boat Magazine and WorkBoat Magazine as well as being a contributor to Online and John K. Fulweiler, Esq.'s activities as a maritime accident lawyer have been reported on by numerous media sources including BoatU.S. Magazine, TradeWinds and TradeOnly Today.

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