You'll always be able to reach us.  We'll work together to recover money for the harm they caused you.  It's about getting full justice because partial justice is no justice at all. 

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About this Maritime Law Office

Our law office doesn't just know the maritime law, we know the sea.  John Fulweiler holds a current Merchant Mariner Credential and paid his way through college working aboard tugs and commercial vessels.  He knows maritime work and he knows a good vessel owner/employer from a bad one.  John also has experience captaining passenger vessels.  

Whether it's in the wheelhouse or the courtroom, John Fulweiler will outwork every other attorney in pursuit of a result that helps make up for what they took from you.  

We obtain results through great lawyering and by working closely with the client because, at the end of the day, we believe it's the client who knows the case best. 

You can speak to John Fulweiler anytime including holidays, weekends and evenings.  

Call John anytime to talk about your maritime injury claim.

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