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If you are a dock worker or longshoreman who has been injured or disabled in a maritime accident on the East or Gulf Coasts, call Fulweiler LLC to speak to a Proctor-In-Admiralty. If you need a longshoreman injury lawyer, call and speak directly with John K. Fulweiler, Esq. John is experienced representing injured dock workers and previously worked in the maritime industry before attending law school.

The Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act ("LHWCA") provides employment-injury and occupational-disease protection to workers who are injured or who contract occupational diseases occurring on the navigable waters of the United States, or in adjoining areas, and for certain other classes of workers covered by extensions of the Act. These benefits are paid directly by an authorized self-insured employer; or through an authorized insurance carrier; or, in particular, circumstances, by a special fund administered directly by the Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation, Office of Workers' Compensation Programs within the U.S. Department of Labor.

While the LHWCA benefits are generally less than what might be recovered in a negligence action and are typically provided without deciding whether the employer is at fault, the LHWCA allows the injured dock worker to sue a third-party such as a shipowner, equipment manufacturer for damages. That is, your remedy may not end with simple LHWCA benefits and the injured dock worker or longshoreman should understand all of their rights.


Experienced maritime attorney John K. Fulweiler, Esq. provides free courtesy consultations and can assist you in understanding your rights and remedies. Call John today at 800-383-MAYDAY or at 401-667-0977. As necessary, we are pleased to travel to you to meet and discuss your serious maritime personal injury.

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