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We aren't an eye-for-eye society; it's money we use to compensate for what a maritime injury or death has taken from you.  We've recovered TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars in maritime claims involving:


Cruise Ship Passenger Injuries / Boat Wake Injuries / Lobster Boat Crew Injuries and Deaths / Fishing Vessel Injuries / Tugboat Injuries / Drowning Deaths / Charter Boat Injuries 

Fulweiler llc, a leading maritime injury law office based in Rhode Island, boasts a national footprint in securing substantial compensation for those injured at sea. Specializing in maritime law, we've successfully represented clients across the U.S.A., recovering millions of dollars for both maritime workers and recreational boaters. Our expertise and dedication to maritime rights ensure our clients receive full justice and the compensation they deserve.

With Fulweiler llc, you gain a powerful ally in navigating the complexities of maritime injury claims, leveraging our nationwide experience to advocate for your rights.

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