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Victory for Maritime Workers: Fulweiler llc Secures Favorable Settlement in High-Stakes Fishing Vessel Injury Case

Successful Settlement for Injured Crewmember Aboard Fishing Vessel: Our legal team represented a crewmember who sustained significant injuries while working on a fishing vessel.  Fulweiler llc faced a challenging defense from both the vessel's owner and their marine insurance company. Despite the complexities of the case and a robust defense strategy, we successfully prepared the matter for trial which ultimately resulted in a favorable settlement for our client. Due to the confidential nature of the settlement agreement, further details cannot be disclosed. This case underscores our firm's commitment to fighting for the rights of maritime workers, fishermen, passengers and boaters.

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Practice area(s): Admiralty / Maritime

John K. Fulweiler

Proctor-In-Admiralty / Licensed U.S. Coast Guard Master Formerly a partner in a New York maritime law firm, John K. Fulweiler graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Marine Affairs degree and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law. In addition to being recognized by...

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