US Coast Guard Posts Amalgamated U.S. Inland and International Navigation Rules

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Today, the U.S. Coast Guard published an amalgamated version of the U.S. Inland Navigation Rules and the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions as Sea, 1972. Prudent skippers know the Rules of the Road and with Fulweiler llc at your side, a prudent skipper can prosecute or defend claims relating to these rules.

Before there was a concensus on vessel navigational rules, there was a hodgpodge of different practices, varying conventions and informal procedures. As you can imagine, a mariner was therefore faced with inconsistencies and even contradictions that gave rise to unintended collisions. Vessel navigation lights for operating in darkness as well as navigation marks also were not organized in any uniform way such that it gave rise rise to confusion between vessels at risk of colliding. That lack of clarit promised dangerous outcomes!

For the modern-day-mariner, no longer is there such concern. The U.S. Inland Navigation Rules and the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (sometimes referred to as the "Rules of the Road" or "COLREGS") offer a uniform framework for guidance. These Rules of the Road help prevent collisions and afford the vessel's skipper with standards all of which makes boating safer and easier to enjoy!

The Rules of the Road help prevent maritime injury claims and they also help prevent maritime deaths. In those situations where an injury or death occurs on the ocean, an admiralty attorney will review the COLREGS to determine whether there was a violation.

If in doubt about your particular boating situation whether you are a crewmember or vessel owner, contact Fulweiler llc to discuss these Inland and International Rules.

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