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46 U.S.C. § 30106 - Time Limit For Bringing Maritime Injury or Death Lawsuit

Like many things associated with the maritime law, the statute of limitations (that period of time within which you must bring your claim) for maritime personal injury and death claims is specially regulated by federal law. You can find that law by using an internet search engine to search for “46 U.S.C. § 30106” and reading its succinct commandment on the when of bringing your lawsuit for a maritime injury which states in pertinent part (please find and read it yourself): “Except as otherwise provided by law, a civil action for damages for personal injury or death arising out of a maritime tort must be brought within 3 years after the cause of action arose.” But, hang on this time period doesn’t always apply and can be shorter!

Navigating maritime statutes of limitation requires an experienced lawyer and the novice that attempts to understand this area of law often runs his or her claim aground the maritime law’s rocky shoreline. Speak to a lawyer about the statute of limitation applicable to your injury or death claim -- they’re exceptions to this three year period such as those involving passenger tickets aboard passenger and ferry lines.

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