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Experienced RI Maritime Lawyer Talks RI Yacht Club Fire

Marina and yacht club fires are violent, usually swept into big blazes by the fast and hot burning fiberglass of nearby vessels spurred on by coastal breezes. I've been involved in a number of marina and yacht club fires and once the flames burn out leaving the charred remains, boat owners are sometimes left with complicated issues of law.

Typically, the law that applies to boat fires is the general maritime law of the United States. A boat fire at a yacht club in Rhode Island, for instance, would likely be governed by federal maritime law as opposed to the law of the State of Rhode Island. In certain circumstances, Rhode Island law may supplement the federal maritime law so long as it does not conflict with federal maritime law.

If you suffered the loss of your boat or injuries arising from a marina or yacht club fire whether in Rhode Island or elsewhere, it is important that you speak with an admiralty attorney to understand your rights. In certain circumstances it may be important to act quickly to protect your rights.

John K. Fuweiler, Esq. is an experienced admiralty attorney afforded the designation Proctor-In-Admiralty with the Maritime Law Association of the United States. He is available to discuss your Rhode Island marina fire or yacht club fire claim anytime at 1-800-383-MAYDAY (6293) or, afterhours, at 917-445-1144.

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