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Food Poisoning Aboard Ship - Speak to your admiralty attorney!

Reports are rolling in of a ship off the coast of Florida with a crew largely incapcitated by food poisoning. Apparently the ship sought the assistance of the U.S. Coast Guard and 19 crewmembers were airlifted to the mainland for treatment. Assuming there were facts in support (and it certainly sounds like there are) a sickened crewmember would likely possess an actionable claim for damages against his or her employer as well as the vessel's owner. These claims would likely arise under the Jones Act as well as under the general maritime law. If you're a passenger aboard a ferry, dinner cruise vessel, or cruiseship and you get food poisoning, you too may have a claim arising under the general maritime law as well as the terms of your passenger ticket contract. Whatever the case, if you got sick aboard a ship because of a preventable incident such as food poisoning you should speak to your admiralty attorney to understand your rights, remedies and claims.

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