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Like The Coast Guard, Newport, RI Maritime Attorney Is Always Contactable

Newport Rhode Island maritime lawyer John K. Fulweiler, Esq. is always contactable. Case in point, reached over a holiday weekend, John was able to muster his office's resources to prepare and promptly file pleadings with the Court. Being available on a moment's notice is not something new to John. Prior to practicing maritime law, John was employed in the commercial marine sector where he recalls the concept of a nine to five workday did not exist.

John is a Proctor-in-Admiralty with his principal office located in Newport, Rhode Island and practicing maritime law on the East and Gulf Coasts. John also holds a United States Coast Guard license and possesses extensive shipboard experience.

If you need a maritime lawyer located in New England, but with the experience and ability to practice in a Court located in the East or Gulf Coasts, contact Fulweiler llc and ask to speak John K. Fulweiler, Esq. (1-800-383-MAYDAY (6293)).

If he's in the wheelhouse, he'll always take your call.

By John Fulweiler

Fulweiler llc

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