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Admiralty and Maritime Legal Counsel
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Three Things An Admiralty Attorney's Client Must Do

Be honest. A client and her lawyer are going to sail into rough weather. Pursuing or defending against a maritime claim is never easy and a client that isn't honest with his lawyer, risks undermining success. Whether you signed the document without reading it or whether you were texting when you were at the helm, the important thing is to tell your admiralty attorney the truth before the voyage starts.

Work hard. Hiring a maritime lawyer isn't like hiring an electrician. The electrician doesn't need (and doesn't want) your help while your maritime legal counsel needs your help. A lawyer that litigates boating claims is like a stagecoach driver driving the horses and the client toward a destination (that city called "Favorable Outcome"), but he can't do it alone. Your maritime legal counsel needs documents and information and your input in order to safely and quickly reach the destination.

Speak up. A lawyer that files boating claims is many things, but she isn't clairvoyant. She can't read her client's mind making it important that the client speak up if he's not happy about some aspect of his attorney's handling of the file. Don't like the time it's taking? Tell your maritime lawyer and seek an explanation. Whatever it may be that's bothering you, it's far better to unfold the issue early with your attorney.

Underway and making way.

By John Fulweiler

Fulweiler llc

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