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What You Don't Know About Boat Collisions

A collision between a boat and a barge. The maritime law has a word for the Hudson tragedy - an allision. An allision is a collision between a moving vessel and a stationary object such as an anchored vessel or a pier. The admiralty law has lots of unique words and lots of unique processes and procedures. For instance, the barge owner in this New York vessel collision may be able to file a Limitation of Liability lawsuit in federal court.

A Limitation of Liability lawsuit is the height of maritime legal practice and represents a vessel owner’s attempt to limit its liability to the post-casualty value of its vessel. A Limitation of Liability lawsuit also allows a vessel owner to gather all the claims that may flow from a waterborne incident into one courthouse.

Boat collisions give rise to all sorts of maritime law considerations and it is important to seek the counsel of an admiralty lawyer so that you fully understand all of your rights, remedies claims and/or defenses.

Underway and making way.

By John Fulweiler

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