Boating Tips From A Boating Attorney

Posted by John K. Fulweiler | Aug 04, 2013 | 0 Comments

When it comes to the maritime law, there seems to be a lot of attorneys who open their desk drawer and put on a captain's hat. That is, at Fulweiler llc we don't need to wear a captain's hat to convince someone that we know our admiralty law. Admiralty and maritime law is all we practice. No trusts and estates nor any nursing home negligence cases, at Fulweiler llc we litigate maritime matters and boating accident claims. In this vein, we thought we'd provide five boating tips that often go unnoticed:

  • If you're towing a dinghy, make sure you secure its oars in case it capsizes.
  • Shut off your raw water intakes before leaving the vessel, the effort is worth the peace of mind.
  • Don't be making way with your fenders hanging over the sides.
  • Scope - it's what anchoring is all about; don't anchor on too short a line.
  • Don't get underway without an anchor.

And a bonus . . . sure you can cut the point real close, but have you left yourself enough room to anchor in the event you should lose power?

The principal of Fulweiler llc, John K. Fulweiler, Esq. is a Proctor-In-Admiralty (a title used by the MLA “to designate the most distinguished class of membership for practicing maritime attorneys”) and he is also a licensed United States Coast Guard Master and his license is endorsed for commercial assistance marine towing. So when you or your friend has a maritime matter, ask yourself: "Do I want some lawyer in a captain's cap, or the fellow and the law firm dedicated to practicing maritime law? Fulweiler llc handles the full array of maritime matters including New York Jones Act lawsuits, Rhode Island Jones Act lawsuits, New Jersey Jones Act lawsuits and Florida Jones Act lawsuits as well as Death on the High Seas claims, LHWCA lawsuits and general maritime negligence actions.

Get a free consultation with a maritime lawyer today by calling 1-800-383-MAYDAY.

Underway and making way.

John Fulweiler

[email protected]

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