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Recent Posts in New York Maritime Law Category

Here's Why You Need An Admiralty Attorney!

Law school teaches you broad concepts and fundamental theories as well providing some tools of the trade. With a law degree in hand and a few years of experience under your belt, I'd wager most ...
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NY Boating Accident Attorney Talks About Barge Collisions

There are numerous navigational rules and regulations relating to the lighting and marking of moored vessels. These rules and regulations explain when lighting and marking is required, and the type of ...
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Claims for Unpaid Crew Wages

Not paying a vessel's crew his or her wages is a lot different than, say, not paying someone who does work on your house. That is, an unpaid crew member has unique remedies available under the ...
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Newport R.I. Maritime Attorney Talks Seafarer's Wage Penalty Statute

There's an incredible amount of self-serving legislative activity in this Country that's just not appreciated by its citizens. I tripped over what I believe is a good maritime example of this ...
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NY Ferry Accident - A NY Maritime Attorney Responds

Ferries are commercial vessels, too. They suffer the same indignities as their workboat brethren and are largely treated by the maritime law like any other commercial vessel. No matter its stripes, ...
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Cargo Vessel Assists Yacht In Need

Quonset Point, RI. Today, reports are filtering out of a cargo ship that recently assisted a yacht reportedly with an ill crewmember. You can see a picture of what is believed to be the cargo ship by ...
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Five Ways to Lose a Maritime Lawsuit

Maritime cases are fragile things requiring attention and encouragement. There are many ways to lose an admiralty lawsuit because the voyage from that first client meeting to a safe harbor is long ...
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Self-Help in the Maritime Law . . . a good idea?

Self-help. You hear references to this concept a lot in some circles. They're audio tapes, DVD's and online videos that promise to get you back on track, make money, lose weight, etc. But, ...
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The Hazards of Working at Sea

Quonset Point, Rhode Island. Don't let anyone tell you that working on and around the water isn't dangerous. Case in point is the recent death of a Massachusetts lobsterman. Apparently he ...
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Fulweiler llc in Professional Mariner Magazine

Quonset Point, Rhode Island. Nice write-up about the law office by the good folks at Professional Mariner magazine. Give it a read by clicking HERE. --- Fulweiler llc 1-800-383-MAYDAY
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