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Yacht Warranty & Defect Claims Attorney

Legal Representation in Warranty Disputes and Product Liability

Having spent a sizable sum on your yacht, you have a vested interest in its continued performance. When faced with a defect or warranty issue, you may need legal assistance in remedying the situation. Furthermore, the issue of product liability applies to any consumer product, including watercraft. Injuries suffered due to a defective product may form the bases of a product liability claim in which damages may be sought on your behalf.

All of these can be complicated and technical issues which require the legal skills of an experienced attorney. At Fulweiler llc, you can get the knowledgeable legal service you need in protecting your rights. John K. Fulweiler, Esq. knows the ins and outs of all legal issues in this field. Because he is experienced in both the marine and courtroom environments, he fully understands the problems that can arise regarding defects and warranties and offers seasoned legal advice and / or representation aimed at efficient resolution.

Warranty and Defect Claims

As in any consumer product, breach of warranty can become a legal issue for yacht owners. Understanding the terms of your warranty is important; your attorney at the firm can provide valuable assistance with this. Your yacht should work as promised by warranty. If it does not and your warranty is not honored, you may be entitled to certain damages. If your yacht has not been repaired sufficiently or in a timely manner, you may also have a breach of warranty case.

Product liability may become an issue where defective construction in your vessel caused or exacerbated serious injuries or death. Having a knowledgeable attorney handling this type of situation can make a difference in the outcome of your case.

In all of these situations, the attorney at the firm can review your circumstances, determine your legal options, and help you move forward with appropriate legal action to remedy it.

Contact maritime attorney John K. Fulweiler for legal representation in any maritime warranty or yacht defect issue today.

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