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Maritime Salvage & Towing Claim Attorney

Representing Clients on the East and Gulf Coasts with Maritime Claims

The law firm of Fulweiler llc offers competent and dedicated legal counsel in matters involving salvage and towing claims involving all types of vessels, from private yachts to commercial vessels. If you are involved in a dispute concerning a salvage or towing operation, it is to your advantage to get sound legal advice from Fulweiler llc.

Marine Salvage and Towing Claims

A marine towing operation is generally used in a situation involving low risk or peril to the disabled boat or the rescuer. These situations usually involve such scenarios as a mechanical breakdown, required towing to a safe destination, the delivery of fuel, jump starts, de-anchoring, and more. Claims involving towing are generally compensated according to contract rates. In situations involving a higher degree of risk, a salvor may be required. Such situations include sinkings, collisions, fires onboard, vessels breaking away from docks or moorings, or in cases of extreme weather conditions. Salvage operations involve towing, refloating a vessel, and repairing it.

Those who salvage vessels may be contracted or work on a "pure salvage" basis, without a contract. In a pure salvage, the salvor must file a claim for the value of the salvaged property and service performed through the legal system. Courts look at a number of factors in determining a salvage award, such as the liability, skill, and success level rendered by the salvor as well as the remaining value of the salvaged vessel.

Ensure that your towing or salvage claim is handled effectively by consulting with the attorney at the firm. Get an honest evaluation of your case and skilled legal representation in moving forward with legal action.

Contact Fulweiler llc for experienced legal service in any maritime claim involving salvage or towing today.

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