Admiralty and Maritime Legal Counsel Admiralty and Maritime Legal Counsel
Admiralty and Maritime Legal Counsel
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Admiralty & Maritime Claims Attorney

Claims against Insurers and Surveyors

The maritime law firm of Fulweiler llc provides competent legal advice and representation for clients in claims against marine insurers and surveyors. Recipient of the Proctor in Admiralty status, John K. Fulweiler, Esq. has both practical maritime experience as well as maritime law experience which can be utilized on your behalf. Whether you're the owner of a commercial vessel or private pleasure boat, you may have a dispute with an insurer or surveyor concerning such issues as bad faith claims, denial of coverage or denial of a claim, discounted or lowball offers of settlement, or other issues.

Marine insurance is a specialized and complex industry. Ensuring that you have proper legal representation is a vital part of protecting your rights and advancing your interests, whether it pertains to a hull and machine policy, damage or loss of cargo, marine casualty, liability, or other issue. The firm can assist you with preparing and documenting your claim, negotiating settlements, or taking your case to court in civil litigation.

Marine Insurance and Surveyors

Surveyors are generally used to inspect marine vessels to evaluate their condition and are often an associated part of marine insurance valuation for claims. Such surveyors may be directly employed by an insurer or may act as an independent party to assess damage claims made against a marine insurer. No national licensing agency exists for this occupation. Generally, marine surveyors are accredited by private organizations and use various credentials, supplied by such organizations as proof of their training.

If you have a dispute with a surveyor in connection with your marine policy or with your insurer over any facet of your policy, it is recommended that you contact the firm for a consultation about your situation to find out what your legal options may be in resolving it.

Contact maritime attorney John K. Fulweiler, Esq. for skilled legal counsel in your claim against a marine insurer or surveyor today.

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