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Admiralty and Maritime Legal Counsel
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Firm Overview

John K. Fulweiler, Esq. announced in March, 2011 that he opened his own maritime law practice. "I've been with a larger transportation firm for more than ten years," John explains. "That experience has been great, but the timing is right to offer a level of service and economy that I believe is sometimes tough to achieve in that setting." John's principal office is located in Newport, Rhode Island and he continues to maintain practices in New York and Florida.

John describes the law firm as specializing in admiralty and maritime claims as well as aviation issues.. He plans on continuing to represent business owners, vessel operators, shipyards and marinas as well as individuals. "I worked on the commercial marine side before law school," he says. "And so, with that experience I sort of see more eye-to-eye with a lot of my clients which means getting better results or finding solutions that make practical sense."

Fulweiler llc provides a wide range of legal services from representation in litigations and arbitrations to unfolding issues arising with vessel documentation, aircraft registration, freight collection, crew members and insurance as well as offering counsel on billing disputes, warranty and repair issues, consumer complaints, maritime liens, environmental concerns, state and federal fines, unfavorable internet comments, franchise and licensing questions, the Jones Act & LHWCA, defective products, governmental compliance, regulatory actions, contract wording, pollution worries, and privacy issues.

Due to the nature of the maritime and aviation industries, the staff at Fulweiler llc is contactable anytime on a year-round basis. In addition, Fulweiler llc maintains a broad base of legal contacts allowing it to assist clients in finding representation from coast-to-coast and overseas.

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